We’re sorry for your loss. We know there is a lot going on, lots of people involved and so much still to do…

We’re here to help, and together, we will honour and remember your loved one.

Our Process

Refined over 8 years working with thousands of families, this process has been evolving to help families better understand the steps needed to create a memorable farewell for their loved ones.

Please note that this 8-step process may vary depending on your situation. Some steps might not be required, some may be skipped, or just be in a slightly different order.


The Funeral Arrangement

You should have briefly discussed the requirements for creating funeral media for the service during your consultation with your funeral director. After this meeting, the consultant will place a preliminary order with us.

Typically occuring 3 or more days out from the service. 


Meeting with Celebrant

This meeting with your celebrant will give you a clearer idea about the service itself and will indicate the media requirments as planned with your celebrant.

This usually happens soon after your funeral arrangement.


Organise & Sort Media Assets

You’ll need to start thinking about the media assets (ie. photos of your loved one, suitable music and other elements). Organise and sort these in preparation to supply it to us.


Supply Assets & Design Consult

When you have finished sorting and organising, it is time to supply the assets to us and have a discussion with our media consultants about any design ideas you may have.

We will need this to happen at least 2 days out from the service, but can be as late as 1 day out from the service.


Design & Create

Once we have everything needed to get started (including all assets and design instructions), the project will be placed into our production schedule to be started by our team.

Although we aim to start ASAP, this stage can happen as late as 1-day prior to the service.

Our schedules are based on funeral dates to ensure each project is prioritised to be completed on time. 


Proofing & Approvals

Once the design process begins, it will be important for you to check your emails and phone for communication from our team about progress and approvals – as we need to ensure we have enough time to make any changes required.

This is especially important if it is the day before the funeral to allow time to finalised all funeral media. 


Final Approval

After recieving the go-ahead with your final approval, we will confirm quantities with you, then begin finalising, producing and deliver all media to your funeral director – they will bring everything to the funeral service.

Photos and other assets supplied to us will be returned to you on the day by your funeral director. 



Should you require more copies of anything (print media, photo tributes, service recording, etc), please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us when you’re ready.

Need to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?2022-10-27T05:54:05+00:00

Once we have all required assets and elements in hand we typically design and produce within one business day, 24 top 48 hours before the service. However, the time it takes to create funeral media will depend on the number of products as well as the quantities of each of those products. Our team are able to handle most requests, but may flag some items to be prioritised so that we don’t run into scheduling issues if there is anything particularly complex or for high quantity items above 250 units

When is the latest we can give you our photos and other assets?2022-10-27T05:55:52+00:00

We typically design and produce within on business day, so we will need everything, at the absolute latest, by 8am, the day BEFORE the funeral. Ideally, we would have everything to get started 48 hours before the service.

What if we have soft (digital) and hard (printed) photos?2022-10-27T05:57:09+00:00

The best way to combine the two formats is to scan/digitise the hard copies and merge it with your existing soft copies. Do this before you start sorting and labelling photos.

What colours, fonts and backgrounds will you use in the design?2022-10-27T05:58:54+00:00

We custom design for every individual, so we will speak to you during our media consultation to get a brief from you. If you are unsure, you can either let our designers create a design based on the photos you supply, or you can have a look at our samples gallery and let us know if anything stands out.

Do we need to pickup the finished products from your office?2022-10-27T06:00:14+00:00

No, unless arranged otherwise, we will deliver all print and A/V items to your funeral director and they will bring it on the day of the service to hand out or setup with the venue.

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